Building advanced chatbots for healthcare professionals.

Apollo AI Technologies gives doctors and healthcare professionals the opportunity to easily access large volumes of correlated data. Apollo AI chatbots incorporate traditional analytics with the latest data collection techniques using AI algorithms.


Apollo AI Technologies Team

The Apollo AI Technologies team is composed of AI, NLP, Data Mining, and Digital Marketing experts, working together to deliver advanced solutions at the forefront of technology. Their diverse skills drive innovation and impactful results.


We Provide Advanced Chatbots For
Healthcare Professionals


In 2022, we launched Diabeta, the first conversational AI interface, addressed to diabetologists


The intelligent interface that provides information about any medication in Romania.


The digital tool dedicated to obtaining information about medications available in Romania.


The cutting-edge tool that processes information from guides and SmPCs (Summary of Product Characteristics) of medicines authorized in Romania to answer questions about available HIV/AIDS treatments.


Designed to provide trustworthy information verified by authorities, granting you access to the latest surgical guidelines and protocols for Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary diseases.


Medical Chatbot Workflow


Database Selection and Medical Expert Collaboration

The first step involves collaborating with medical specialists to select a comprehensive and reliable database of medical information. This database serves as the foundation for the chatbot’s knowledge. Medical professionals provide insights into the most accurate and up-to-date information, ensuring the chatbot’s accuracy.


Complex Natural Language Processing

Following database selection, an AI expert team embarks on a complex natural language processing journey. They design and implement advanced algorithms to understand and interpret the intricacies of medical language. This involves refining the chatbot’s ability to comprehend context, medical jargon, and nuanced user queries, creating a seamless interaction experience.


Testing and Validation by Healthcare Professionals

After the intricate AI processing, the chatbot undergoes rigorous testing and validation. A team of healthcare professionals, comprising doctors, pharmacists, and medical researchers, meticulously evaluates the chatbot’s responses for accuracy, relevance, and medical soundness. Their feedback helps fine-tune the chatbot’s knowledge and enhance its precision.


It’s essential to emphasize that these applications are exclusively accessible to medical specialists. This exclusivity ensures that the chatbot’s insights are utilized responsibly and effectively in medical decision-making processes.


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