Chat4DOC: The revolutionary chatbot simplifying access to essential medication information for doctors

The Romanian medical industry benefits from a new innovative digital tool: Chat4DOC, a chatbot developed to assist doctors in quickly and intuitively accessing essential information about approved medications in Romania. With a wide range of functionalities, Chat4DOC offers instant access to information such as drug interactions, therapeutic indications, side effects, contraindications, dosage, and ICD-10 coding.

Advanced features for healthcare professionals

Chat4DOC stands out not only for the diversity of information it provides but also for its ease of use. Its friendly and intuitive interface transforms accessing and managing information about medications into a seamless experience for doctors. With access to over 8,500 processed SmPCs and 1.7 million drug interactions, this tool becomes a reliable ally for healthcare professionals.

Two major functionalities

  1. Drug interactions:
    Users can enter between 2 and 10 medications to receive updated information on how they interact. The risk level of interactions is displayed using a traffic light grid:
  • Green: Interaction is highly unlikely to cause negative effects or significant changes in the body.
  • Yellow: Low probability of negative effects, but additional monitoring or precautions may be necessary.
  • Orange: Significant probability of negative effects, requires dose adjustments or careful patient monitoring.
  • Red: High risk of negative effects or serious complications, requires immediate interventions.
  1. Chatbot:
    This functionality allows quick access to information about:
  • Therapeutic indications
  • Contraindications
  • Side effects
  • Dosage
  • ICD-10 coding

Developed by Apollo AI Technologies

Chat4DOC is a creation of Apollo AI Technologies, a company specializing in the development of professional applications based on artificial intelligence. The launch of this chatbot represents a significant step in improving medical practice in Romania, offering doctors an efficient and easy-to-use tool for managing medication information. For doctors interested in learning more about this innovation, the platform offers detailed information and the possibility to access the application.

A commitment to the medical community

Chat4DOC is not just a technological solution but also a manifestation of Apollo AI Technologies‘ ongoing commitment to supporting the medical community through innovative and efficient solutions. Through this launch, the company demonstrates once again that science, art, and communication can be harmoniously integrated to bring significant benefits to the healthcare field. In an era of digitalization and information, Chat4DOC stands as a trusted partner for all healthcare professionals, ensuring quick and reliable access to the critical information needed for quality medical treatment.


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