Competition for innovation: Pharmachat vs. other chatbots

With the advance of innovations in the medical field, Pharmachat provides valuable and up-to-date information to healthcare professionals about medicines approved in Romania. In this article, we will explore how Pharmachat new solutions into healthcare by providing accurate and concrete answers to medical questions.


To illustrate Pharmachat‘s efficiency and accuracy, the Apollo AI Technologies team conducted a revealing comparison between Pharmachat and other chatbots on the market. One of the distinguishing aspects of Pharmachat is its reliance on up-to-date information from drug SmPCs. This ensures that clear and correct answers are provided, eliminating ambiguity and ensuring that healthcare professionals have access to the latest information on medicines approved in Romania.

Unlike other chatbots, which rely on more uninformed or outdated databases, Pharmachat offers a superior level of reliability and accuracy. This is essential in the medical field, where any incorrect detail can have significant consequences for patients.


Pharmachat is not just a chatbot, it is an essential resource for healthcare professionals, providing information directly from authorized sources and constantly updated, it becomes a reliable partner in the medical decision-making process.

The positive experience of health professionals and the substantiation of authoritative sources shows its commitment to excellence in digital healthcare delivery.

Pharmachat  was created by the Romanian company Apollo AI Technologies, specialized in developing professional applications based on artificial intelligence, and with the support of partner Alphega Pharmacy is made available to all healthcare professionals, free of charge.


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