Did you know that Diabetes allows the use of text-to-speech and speech-to-text functions for voice commands?

Technology brings significant innovations in various fields, including healthcare. Diabeta, an innovative medical chatbot, has managed to revolutionize how healthcare professionals interact with diabetes-related information and available treatments. With its strong foundation in official diabetes protocols, Diabeta brings a modern and efficient approach to answering user questions.

Advanced processing of medical documents

Diabeta stands out for its ability to process all official documents used by diabetes specialists when prescribing treatments. This includes the Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) for medications included in the national diabetes program, the national diabetes guide, and the free prescription protocol. Through rigorous analysis of this information, Diabeta provides precise and real-time updates.

continuous innovation through advanced natural language processing features

Did you  know that one of the latest additions to Diabeta’s arsenal is the text-to-speech and speech-to-text processing functionality? This feature represents a significant change in the user interaction whit the chatbot. Users can now formulate their questions vocally, and Diabeta responds vocally as well creating a more natural and accessible experience.

voice interface-an easy and accessible approach

By implementing voice processing functionality, Diabeta eliminates linguistic and technological barriers, providing a more accessible experience for users. Individuals facing difficulties in writing or reading text can now benefit from the chatbot’s assistance through simple vocal conversation.

BENefits for healthcare professionals:

  1. Rapid access to quality information: Users can quickly and efficiently obtain updated informations from official sources, reducing uncertainty about available treatments.
  1. Natural Interaction: Voice processing features create a more natural and comfortable interaction for users, increasing trust in the information provided by Diabeta.
  1. Elimination of Linguistic Barriers: People facing difficulties in writing or reading text can communicate more easily with Diabeta through voice.

Diabeta asserts itself as a pioneer in medical assistance through chatbots, providing users with access to quality information and creating a more accessible and natural interaction. With ongoing innovations, such as voice processing features, Diabeta demonstrates its commitment to improving patient experiences and facilitating access to essential information about diabetes and associated treatments.

The innovative Diabeta platform was created by the Romanian company Apollo AI Technologies, representing an example of innovation in the medical industry in Romania. Diabeta also benefits from strong support from health industry partners, such as Novo Nordisk, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Medtronic, reputable companies in the medical field.


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