Did you know that Pharmachat provides comprehensive information about the composition of medicines, including active substances and excipients?

Pharmachat stands out in providing essential information about medicines available in Romania. This intelligent medical chatbot is not limited to providing summary answers but aims to provide a comprehensive insight into the composition of each medicine, including active substances and excipients.

In addition to providing concise information, Pharmachat provides deep insight into the composition of each drug, enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions. This is crucial in a world where knowledge about medicines can make the difference between an effective treatment and an ineffective or even dangerous one.

Pharmachat not only provides information about a medicine’s active substances, but also its excipients, so users can consider all relevant aspects when considering a particular treatment. This level of transparency and accessibility in knowledge is essential to promote a healthy and responsible approach to the administration of medicines.

For medical professionals looking for up-to-date information, Pharmachat proves to be a reliable ally. Through this medical chatbot, access to essential information becomes quick and simple, thus contributing to the promotion of a more informed and responsible medical practice in Romania.

Pharmachat is more than just a medical chatbot – it is a valuable resource for the medical community, providing accurate and up-to-date information about medicines available in Romania. Through it, knowledge truly becomes power in health management and medical treatments.

Pharmachat was developed by the Romanian company, Apollo AI Technologies, specialized in developing professional applications based on artificial intelligence.

The application is made available to doctors and pharmacists with the support of partner Alphega. For more information about Pharmachat and how to access the app if you are a doctor or pharmacist, visit the www.pharmachat.ro platform.


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