Dr. Sabina Poenar: Artificial intelligence is in full development, especially in diabetes

“I have used Diabeta since it was put on the market. I think it’s very useful for young doctors, but even for older ones, because it helps you find information very quickly: you don’t have to search through all the guides and all the protocols”, says Dr. Sabina Ioana Poenar.

Dr. Poenar believes that artificial intelligence is booming in all fields right now, but especially in diabetes, and she believes that very good times are coming, especially in terms of both pumps and algorithms that will help doctors provide a treatment as precise as possible to obtain optimal control of diabetes in the long term. Dr. Poenar encourages doctors to be open to technology and artificial intelligence and integrate them into their daily work.

Diabeta is the first chatbot application dedicated to healthcare professionals. Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Diabeta answers questions about diabetes treatments. Diabeta processes an extensive list of references that include official guidelines and protocols as well as SPCs of available diabetes medications.

The application is available exclusively and free of charge to diabetes doctors and can be accessed by requesting an access account on www.diabeta.ro.

We proudly developed Diabeta using advanced AI tools and resources. The app is made available to healthcare professional communities managed by Oameni și Companii and it is supported by Novo Nordisk,  Boehringer Ingelheim and Medtronic.


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