Dr. Ștefan Ciucur: Diabeta is a very useful app

“I have heard about Diabeta since last year, in September, when it had not yet been launched. I also left my e-mail and received an invitation, I entered and I find it very useful”, says Dr. Ștefan Ciucur, diabetes resident doctor about the first chatbot dedicated to diabetologists.

Dr. Ștefan Ciucur was present at CEDA 2023, to present the results of the project implemented with his colleagues. “We came to present the results of our study. It was a well-run Congress where I learned new information about drugs and various studies. In our work we chose to study the prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, because we know that it is very common in patients with type II diabetes. We thus chose a group of 130 patients to see exactly what the prevalence is and to see if there are associations with other clinical and biological parameters. One of the results, very surprising, is that non-alcoholic steatosis was found mainly in women, in a higher percentage than in the group of men. Also, over half of our study group had moderate or severe non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.”

The Diabeta team was present at CEDA 2023 to support doctors interested in using the diabetologist chatbot to quickly access useful information about molecules used in the treatment of diabetes. Diabeta can be used free of charge by doctors of any specialization, based on a user account that can be requested on www.diabeta.ro.

We proudly developed Diabeta using advanced AI tools and resources. The app is made available to healthcare professional communities managed by Oameni și Companii and it is supported by Novo Nordisk,  Boehringer Ingelheim and Medtronic.


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