Pharmachat: the healthcare professionals’ chatbot you can command by voice

The end of the year brings two important new functionalities for Pharmachat. Starting December 2023, you can use the chatbot directly from your mobile phone, downloading the Android or IOS app, and you can also command it by voice. “Because we have often been told that users would like to be able to ask Pharmachat voice questions, we have developed this new functionality, and from now on you will be able to ask voice questions to the Pharmachat chatbot, and it will also respond vocally to the questions of its users,” explained Mihaela Onofrei, CEO of Apollo AI Technologies the need to develop new functionalities.

Beyond data validation and the use of official and accurate data, we want to have an application as user-friendly and useful as possible. This is how the idea of a chatbot came about, that is, this tool that looks like a chat and in which you simply type the question or use the functionality of buttons, if you simply learn. But if you don’t even have time to write, you just have to say the question and our chatbot, in just a few seconds, will answer it,” the Apollo AI Technologies founder describes  the  process of additional developments that the company included in the Pharmachat chatbot.

The Pharmachat chatbot launched this summer is a product developed by Apollo AI Technologies, a revolutionary digital tool that provides information about medicines authorized in Romania in a fast and efficient way. Any healthcare professional can easily use this tool by accessing and requesting the creation of a user account for FREE.


The future plans for Pharmachat‘s development do not stop here. Pharmachat is a tool that helps the daily work of healthcare professionals, but which aims to constantly improve and become increasingly friendly and easy to use.

“We want to improve the database, to include guidelines and protocols, so that its answers become more and more complex, both for pharmacists and doctors. From the experience with the Diabeta chatbot we realized that sometimes there is information that is not found in RCPs, so we want to process as much official documents as possible from those that the Ministry of Health issues so often and with so many updates. Many times the work of a health professional becomes very complicated, just looking on websites to see what the latest version of the latest protocol is, instead of dedicating as much time as possible to the patient. That’s why we’re here, to develop as much as possible in an easier manner for our healthcare users,” explained Mihaela Onofrei, CEO of Apollo AI Technologies, the reasons for continuing the development process.

Pharmachat is the intelligent interface that helps healthcare professionals by enabling them to easily access large volumes of professional, correlated data. Pharmachat scans official RCPs and quickly delivers the information you need, incorporating traditional analytics with the latest data collection techniques and using artificial intelligence algorithms.


  1. Healthcare professionals can access Pharmachat after logging in with a username and password that were previously obtained.
  2. In order to answer questions from medical professionals, Pharmachat accesses all information contained in the Summaries of Product Characteristics available for authorized medicines in Romania.
  3. Once logged in, medical professionals have access to the chatbot interface where they can ask questions and receive instant answers.

Pharmachat was developed by a Romanian company, Apollo AI Technologies, specialized in developing professional applications based on artificial intelligence. The application is made available to doctors and pharmacists with the support of partner Alphega. For more information about Pharmachat and how to access the app if you are a doctor or pharmacist, visit the platform.


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