The Larafarm – Apollo AI Technologie – Softeh Plus collaboration brings safer and more efficient care for patients

Larafarm Pharmacies recently implemented an innovative solution to improve the medication management process and ensure safer and more efficient patient care. Through the collaboration with Apollo AI Technologies, pharmacists within the Larafarm network now have direct access to information on drug interactions in their management software, integrated with the API developed by Apollo AI Technologies and implemented in the PLUSErp system developed by Softeh Plus.  

“We are pleased to be part of this innovative initiative that allows us to improve our services and provide better care for our patients. The integration of the solution developed by Apollo AI Technologies into the open circuit pharmacy management solution developed by Softeh Plus represents a significant step towards improving the quality of care we provide. With direct access to drug interaction information, we are now able to make more informed decisions and provide more accurate recommendations for our patients. It is an important achievement for us, and we are grateful that we can bring these benefits to our patients,” said Laura Palade, CEO of Larafarm. 

This solution allows pharmacists to quickly and easily access up-to-date and accurate drug interaction data, eliminating the need to search for information in other sources or use separate tools. Through this advanced technology, pharmacists can make informed decisions and provide accurate treatment recommendations to patients.  

“For us, it is a priority to develop solutions that bring tangible benefits to patients and healthcare professionals. We are pleased to observe how this initiative brings added value within Larafarm pharmacies. Close collaboration between our teams has led to the development and implementation of a solution that not only improves the efficiency and safety of medication management, but also helps provide more attentive and personalized care for their patients. It is clear proof of our commitment to innovation and to the constant improvement of the healthcare system.” Bogdan Dănilă, Interim CEO of Softeh Plus  

This system was implemented without problems and facilitated pharmacists’ access to essential information in real time, directly from their management software. Thus, they can focus more on the needs of patients and provide personalized and high-quality care. 

“The close collaboration between our teams allowed the development and implementation of this solution successfully. We are proud to be part of this initiative that brings innovation and significant benefits to the pharmaceutical industry. By integrating our solution within Larafarm pharmacies, we were able to provide pharmacists with the necessary tools to make informed decisions and manage drug interactions more effectively. It is a confirmation of our commitment to technological development in the field of healthcare and to the creation of solutions that bring tangible benefits to patients and professionals in the field.” said Mihaela Onofrei, CEO of Apollo AI Technologies 

This initiative demonstrates the continued commitment of Larafarm Pharmacies, as well as Apollo AI Technologies and Softeh Plus in providing the best solutions for the health and safety of their patients, providing the highest quality services and constantly improving the patient experience through innovation and access to cutting-edge technology. 


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