Diabeta: Transforms diabetes management in the top 5 medical areas in Romania

Diabeta, the medical chatbot approved by ANMDMR, revolutionizes the management of diabetes in our country. Here are the 5 most active areas in Romania, where doctors from Bucharest, Iași, Mureș, Cluj and Bihor enthusiastically access Diabeta:

  1. Bucharest: The Epicenter of Medical Innovation

The capital of Romania, Bucharest, is at the forefront of medical innovation. Doctors in Bucharest quickly adopted Diabeta to benefit from access to up-to-date medical information and the efficient management of patients with diabetes.

  1. Iași: Excellence in healthcare

Iași stands out par excellence in healthcare, and doctors in this area have recognized the positive impact of Diabeta in improving medical dialogue and optimizing diagnostic and treatment processes for patients with diabetes.

  1. Mureș: Passion for Medical Innovationa

Medical innovation takes precedence in Mureş, and Diabeta has become an essential tool for doctors passionate about providing the best care for patients with diabetes. Access to fast and verified information has become a standard in this area.

  1. Cluj: Open Dialogue and Medical Collaborationa

Cluj is distinguished by open dialogue and collaboration between doctors and Diabeta. The platform has become an essential tool for doctors in Cluj in providing accurate and timely answers to questions related to the treatment of diabetes.

  1. Bihor: Sustainability în Diabetes Management

Doctors in Bihor have adopted Diabeta to support a sustainable approach to diabetes management. Free access to verified information and instant response has facilitated effective and sustainable care for patients with diabetes.


For doctors across the country interested in accessing Diabeta, everything is simple and free! Create a user account on www.diabeta.ro and benefit from the benefits of this innovative diabetes management platform.

Team Apollo AI Technologies together with a team of dedicated doctors, coordinated by associate professor dr. Anca Pantea Stoian they worked together to bring innovative solutions to the care of patient communities. With an extraordinary team of doctors by its side, the aim of this interdisciplinary project was to create a useful and effective tool for doctors who manage patients with diabetes.

Developed by the Romanian company Apollo TechnologiesDIABETA benefited from the support of prestigious partners as well Novo NordiskBoehringer Ingelheim and Medtronic. This partnership shows how a local initiative can have a global impact, bringing together resources and experiences to meet the challenges of diabetes.


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