Discover the future of healthcare with Pharmachat at the National Pharmacy Conference

Between November 23-25, the Apollo AI Technologies team  will be present at the 16th edition of the National Conference of Pharmacy, an exceptional interdisciplinary event that brings together pharmacists and doctors to communicate directly and establish essential therapeutic protocols and procedures.


The conference is credited with EFC (Continuing Pharmaceutical Education) and CME (Continuing Medical Education) and is organized under the aegis of the Medical Association Romanian and the College of Pharmacists in Romania. The event benefits from partnerships with prestigious entities, including NAMMD, Romanian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences, CNAS, ARPIM, ADRFR.

During the event, Apollo AI Technologies will present Pharmachat, an innovative and advanced chatbot that redefines professional support for healthcare and pharmaceuticals in Romania. Apollo AI Technologies stands out for its expertise in artificial intelligence, having already had notable success with the first chatbot, Diabeta, launched in 2021. He addressed specialists in the field of diabetes and other therapeutic areas such as cardiology, nephrology and endocrinology, collaborating with important names in the pharmaceutical industry globally.

Pharmachat, the second iteration of the company, specializes in using artificial intelligence to develop intelligent healthcare interfaces. With the launch  of Pharmachat, we are witnessing the entry into a new era of professional healthcare support services, where access to information about medicines authorized in Romania becomes simple and fast.

Pharmachat combines modern medical information processing solutions and artificial intelligence technologies, providing easy access to specialized information to all healthcare professionals. With the processing of over 8,500 medical leaflets for medicines authorized in Romania and instant access to over 1.7 million drug interactions, Pharmachat becomes the essential guide for healthcare professionals in the search for up-to-date and relevant information about medicines.


Pharmachat stands out by using all officially approved SmPCs, providing a level of validation and safety in making medical decisions. The partnership with the Alphega Pharmacy network, which has tested and validated Pharmachat in its more than 700 locations, demonstrates the impact our solution can have on medical and pharmaceutical practice.


In order to benefit from a complete experience tailored to your needs, Pharmachat is available exclusively for doctors and pharmacists. The Apollo AI Technologies team  awaits you at the National Pharmacy Conference to  introduce you to how technology can be an essential partner in medical decision-making.


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