Dr. Laura Matei: Diabeta is not just a resource, but a reliable partner

“As a diabetologist with 10 years of experience, I can say that Diabeta is an extremely useful tool in managing patients with diabetes. An essential aspect of Diabeta’s effectiveness is the speed and accessibility with which they can access essential information,” said Dr. Laura Matei, primary care physician diabetologist, after the experience of using Diabeta, the chatbot that uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to provide information from official documents about diabetes.

Dr. Matei spoke about the advantages that Diabeta brings to doctors: “With quick access to updated treatment protocols and specific guidelines, Diabeta becomes an indispensable partner in the care of patients with diabetes. Diabeta is not just a resource, it is a reliable partner that helps me easily navigate through treatment protocols and medical guidelines. It gives me the information I need to give my patients the best treatment options, all in one place.”

It is important to emphasize that Diabeta can only be used by doctors. This not only protects the confidentiality of medical information, but also ensures that only trained medical professionals have access to this valuable resource.

“As a doctor using Diabeta, I have noticed a significant improvement in interacting with patients. The detailed explanation of the protocols and the possibility to quickly answer their questions have contributed to strengthening trust and mutual understanding in the diabetes management process”, explained Dr. Laura Matei the advantages that Diabeta has brought to her daily work.

And his call is very clear: “I support the implementation of Diabeta in the medical community and I believe that it represents an innovation in the care of patients with diabetes, bringing benefits both for doctors and, indirectly, for patients”, said Laura Matei, primary diabetologist.


For doctors across the country interested in accessing Diabeta, everything is simple and free! All you need is to create a user account on www.diabeta.ro and reap the benefits of this innovative diabetes management platform.

 The Apollo AI Technologies team  together with a team of dedicated doctors, coordinated by Assoc. Prof. Anca Pantea Stoian, PhD, worked together to bring innovative solutions to the assistance of patient communities. With an extraordinary team of doctors by our side, the goal of this interdisciplinary project was to create a useful and effective tool for doctors managing patients with diabetes.

Developed by the Romanian company Apollo Technologies, #DIABETA has benefited from the support of prestigious partners such as Novo Nordisk, Boehringer Ingelheim and Medtronic. This partnership shows how a local initiative can have a global impact, bringing together resources and experiences to tackle diabetes challenges.


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