Dr. Raluca Crețu: Diabeta is a very good idea

“I used Diabeta during the prototype period, at first I didn’t do very well with it, but later it helped me. I was asking a question there and it was getting me out of the loop. It helps me a lot because, for example, in the office I don’t have time to sit, go online, look for information. I type there and it immediately gives me the answer. Diabetes is a very good idea,” says Dr. Raluca Crețu, resident physician Diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases.

Dr. Raluca Crețu claims that, in general, technology is very important in diabetes, both on the side of applications and on the side of devices: “On the type 1 side, it seems vital to me to have the technology side. It seems to me that you cannot take care of a type 1 patient and get them to the point where they are balanced without sensors, without pumps. First, there is fear. The fear of hypoglycemia, the fear of getting sick on the street, the fear of doing sports, and basically you limit yourself a lot if you don’t have this technology.”

According to the doctor, great progress can be seen in the general management of diabetes, the doctor-patient relationship is being strengthened and more and more opportunities for collaboration are emerging. In this sense, Dr. Crețu states: “I trust my colleagues that they will bring a benefit, especially on the technology side, and I think we will evolve very nicely, especially since associations have also started to appear, they have started to collaborate very much the doctor and the patient, to form a team and no longer be a strictly professional relationship. Camps and meetings have also started to take place, to make friends with them, so that they gain confidence in you, so the future sounds good for diabetes.”

Doctors interested in using Diabeta can register for free at www.diabeta.ro to receive an access account and be able to chat with the chatbot dedicated to diabetologists. Diabeta is available 24/7 to all healthcare professionals. The application is continuously improved to process as much official data and references in the field of diabetes treatments as possible.

We proudly developed Diabeta using advanced AI tools and resources. The app is made available to healthcare professional communities managed by Oameni și Companii and it is supported by Novo Nordisk,  Boehringer Ingelheim and Medtronic.


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