How does a medical chatbot simplify access to information about medicines in Romania?

With ever-evolving technology, entering the medical world becomes more accessible and efficient thanks to digital innovations. An example of this progress is Pharmachat, the medical chatbot that provides users with a rich source of information about medicines available in Romania. With a variety of functionalities, Pharmachat becomes a reliable partner for healthcare professionals.


Pharmachat offers a treasure trove of knowledge about medicines, covering the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical products available on the Romanian market. Whether it’s over-the-counter medications or specialized treatments, users can access detailed information such as composition, recommended dosage, interactions, side effects, and contraindications.


An important aspect of the platform is its ability to provide information about interactions between different drugs. Pharmachat thus becomes a trusted advisor for healthcare professionals, helping to prevent potential risks associated with the combination of certain drugs, but also providing recommendations for a similar drug.


To shed light on how Pharmachat integrates into the daily practice of health specialists, Dr. Roxana Plamadiala, resident diabetologist, gave us valuable insight into the benefits that Pharmachat brings  to healthcare. By creating a short scenario, it shows us how the chatbot can intervene in pharmacists’ practice, providing the necessary information in assigning medication to a patient.


Pharmachat is becoming an essential tool for doctors looking for quick information about medicines.  It is a fast and reliable source of information about medicines.


Pharmachat not only provides information, but also facilitates the decision-making process for physicians. Drug interactions are often complex, and Pharmachat simplifies them so that decisions made are well-informed and helps avoid possible complications.

Exploring the world of technology with Pharmachat not only simplifies access to information about medicines, but also paves the way for more efficient and personalized healthcare in Romania. By connecting medical knowledge with the power of technology, Pharmachat promises to transform how professionals manage decision-making and how information is accessed for various treatments.

Pharmachat was created by the Romanian company Apollo AI Technologies, specialized in developing professional applications based on artificial intelligence, and with the support of partner Alphega Pharmacy is made available to all healthcare professionals, free of charge.


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