Pharmachat: the medical chatbot that revolutionizes drug information in Romania

Starting with an advance in the digital era, technology becomes a valuable ally in the medical field. An eloquent example in this regard is Pharmachat, an innovative medical chatbot that brings essential information about medicines available in Romania. This chatbot not only simplifies the process of searching for medical information, but also optimizes medical practice for healthcare professionals.


Pharmachat distinguishes itself through its ability to process information from over 8,500 Summaries of Product Characteristics (SmPCs), thus providing access to the most up-to-date and detailed data on medicines available on the Romanian market, as well as information for over 1.7 million interactions. This makes it an essential tool for medical professionals, providing them with an accurate and reliable guide in the process of prescribing and administering medicines.


Pharmachat is not just a simple chatbot, but a digital tool that brings significant benefits in various regions of Romania. The areas where it is most commonly used are: Iasi, Galati, Constanta, Ilfov, Dolj, Brasov, Mures, Cluj, Bihor and Arad. These regions now benefit from an advanced tool that strengthens access to health information, thereby facilitating health decision-making.


Medical professionals are often confronted with a significant amount of information, and Pharmachat meets them to simplify this. By centralizing and providing relevant drug data quickly, the chatbot facilitates the prescribing and administration process, increasing the efficiency of medical practice.

Pharmachat represents a significant innovation in the medical field in Romania, offering advanced technological solutions to facilitate medical practice. With coverage in several major regions of the country, this chatbot is becoming an essential partner for healthcare professionals and a trusted resource for patients. By strengthening access to information about medicines, Pharmachat contributes to improving the quality of medical services and promoting a modern approach to healthcare.

Pharmachat was developed by a Romanian company, Apollo AI Technologies, specialized in developing professional applications based on artificial intelligence. The application is made available to doctors and pharmacists with the support of partner Alphega. For more information about Pharmachat and how to access the app if you are a doctor or pharmacist, visit t


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