Pharmacist Florina Bonifate: Technology will occupy an important place in our connection with the patient

The intervention of artificial intelligence in the area of compliance and monitoring of treatment in patients is already documented. From now on, I think we must go further and understand that the role of the pharmacist does not stop when medicines are dispensed, but continues in primary care, where the pharmacist is always next to the family doctor, in a continuous process of transmitting and receiving information and monitoring. This is the place where technology and applications equipped with artificial intelligence will really show their usefulness“, said Florina Bonifate, Secretary General of the College of Pharmacists in Romania during the webinar Farmacia Viitorul on November 15.

Dedicated to discussing “The impact of technology in pharmacy and optimizing data processing“, the webinar Farmacia Viitorul on November 15 analyzed how technological advances influence the activity of pharmacists.

Florina Bonifate, pharmacist with over 20 years of practical experience, spoke about the responsibilities that each of the pharmacists has and the importance of correctness of the information they use. “Working in the pharmacy entails an important responsibility. The patient arrives in front of us, in the community pharmacy, and we have the obligation, according to the code of ethics, to check his prescription, to check the concordance of the diagnosis with the treatment and its duration. And in order to do our job well, we must have correct information. But the multitude of information and existing situations can sometimes create confusion and sometimes can simply lead to a hardening of the entire activity. Having integrated applications to support us brings important benefits, and Pharmachat is such an application.”

Florina also presented the strengths of the Pharmachat chatbot, noting that “it provides all the information from the RCPs of products validated by the NAMMD, very quickly, with an artificial intelligence algorithm, and what is very important is that you can always check the source from which the information is taken“. Pharmachat can provide answers about contraindications, posologies, product use, references, or symptoms of overdose.

The Pharmachat chatbot launched this summer is a product developed by Apollo AI Technologies, a revolutionary digital tool that provides information about medicines authorized in Romania in a fast and efficient way.

Pharmachat processes over 8,500 medical leaflets for all medicines authorized in the country. Using this tool gives you instant access to over 1.7 million drug interactions, and Pharmachat can be an essential tool for doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

Pharmachat was created by the Romanian company Apollo AI Technologies, specialized in developing professional applications based on artificial intelligence, and with the support of partner Alphega Pharmacy is made available to all healthcare professionals, free of charge.


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