Prof. Dr. Bogdan Timar: Diabeta solves the whole bureaucratic problem behind the prescription of medicines

Beyond the clinical prescription, which we take based on the knowledge and recommendations of guidelines, an important step is the prescription of medicines, information on who we can prescribe, when we can prescribe and how much we can prescribe that medicine. Unfortunately, all these components are embedded in a real bureaucratic thicket, which makes the recommendations we have at a certain moment very dynamic and represent a great consumer of time and energy during the patient’s consultation. This means that if we could remove this need for time allocated to bureaucratic tasks, the remaining time could be used for the benefit of our patient“, summarized prof. dr. Bogdan Timar, diabetologist, the reasons that led to the need for the appearance of the Diabeta chatbot.  

Diabeta processes all official documents used by diabetologists at the time of prescription, namely the RCPs of drugs included in the national diabetes program, the national diabetes guide and the free prescription protocol, managing to solve the bureaucratic thicket behind the process of prescribing free and compensated medicines included in the national program and settled by the National Health Insurance House.  

Beyond the multitude of documents that doctors must go through to verify the correctness of the prescription of a particular drug, there is also the dynamism with which these documents are updated.

The dynamism of these recommendations can be a real problem. The patient could enter the office at a time when the prescribing physician has an older version of that protocol, which has not been updated with the new recommendations, and the presence of that version can generate confusion. This is the moment when Diabeta comes in, because it is the tool that is constantly updated and without our intervention and that can be used by our fellow prescribers, without them making an extra effort“, continued prof. dr. Bogdan Timar.  


And the advantages that the use of Diabeta brings are undeniable: “All bureaucratic tasks behind the prescription of that drug are performed by Diabeta, which makes them available to the doctor in a free, easy and immediate manner, so that the doctor can have the guarantee that what he will prescribe for his patient is state-of-the-art in terms of bureaucratic techniques and prescription method” continued the diabetologist intervention at the Congress of the Romanian Federation of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases.  

Beyond  the technical component and the dynamic updating of the documents  it processes, Diabeta also has the advantage of a friendly interface,  an easy, free and extremely fast use. “Diabeta is the friendliest way such a tool could interact with the user. Using natural language to understand what the user is asking, the chatbot interprets, analyzes and then generates a solution that it also provides in natural language. I am very convinced that as you interact each of the 2 interlocutors (chatbot – doctor) will learn what the other likes best, and the following interactions will be easier and easier, more and more fruitful and more and more successful“, said prof. dr. Bogdan Timar at the end of his intervention.  

Present at the Congress of the Romanian Federation of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases,  Diabeta marks this month, November, 1 year since its launch. Diabeta is the first medical chatbot approved by the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices in Romania, developed  by Apollo AI Technologies technology company  together with a team of dedicated doctors and is supported by prestigious partners such as Novo Nordisk, Boehringer Ingelheim and Medtronic.


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