Prof. Dr. Doina Catrinoiu: We want to have as much access to information as possible

Prof. Dr. Doina Catrinoiu – Ovidius University of Constanța, supports access to technology for both doctors and patients because it brings radical changes in diabetes management. “We have many young patients and we sincerely hope that access to technology for these patients will be as wide as possible. For them it means a radical change in the way they manage their disease, and for us it is much simpler because we have answers to many questions that have been in front of us for years and for which we had no answers. Well, now we have it,” declares Prof. Dr. Doina Catrinoiu.

And one of the examples of technology for the benefit of patients is Diabeta, the first chatbot dedicated to diabetologists, about which Prof. Dr. Catrinoiu declares: “I congratulate this initiative which is absolutely extraordinary, and in the end I think that all we have to do is to we have as much access to information as possible, whether we are doctors or patients.”

Launched a few months ago, Diabeta is the first Romanian chatbot for doctors that answers questions about the molecules used in the treatment of diabetes. The app uses artificial intelligence and natural language programming to generate answers to users’ questions about available diabetes treatments. Interested doctors can chat with Diabeta based on a user account that can be requested on

We proudly developed Diabeta using advanced AI tools and resources. The app is made available to healthcare professional communities managed by Oameni și Companii and it is supported by Novo Nordisk,  Boehringer Ingelheim and Medtronic.


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